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Skin Care

Custom-Prepared Cosmeceuticals

Dr. Catherine Oseni - Custom Compounding Pharmacists - Alpha Care Wellness Center in Weatherford, TX

Younger-looking skin? Yes, please! Though you can’t stop your skin from aging, in many cases you can slow down the aging process. Dr. Catherine Oseni can work with you to create a custom-prepared cosmeceutical cream that may help:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots/dark spots
  • Diminish the appearance of skin irritations, rashes, redness, and inflammation
  • Soothe dry, cracked skin
  • Improve and retain moisture
  • Treat blemishes and problem areas
  • Protect your skin from the harmful, external forces of aging

Cosmeceuticals use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to rejuvenate skin that already has begun to age, as well as protect against environmental and lifestyle factors that can accelerate the aging process.

Through cosmeceuticals, your skin can begin to look and feel like it did 5, 10, or even 15 years ago – moist, smooth, protected, and with reduced appearance of wrinkles. Many commercial creams and lotions may claim to offer the same results, but why use a mass-produced product when you can use one that has been customized to meet your exact needs?

Do you have new scars or even old scars that you want to disappear? Try Alpha Soothing Skin Therapy.

In controlled studies, the base that we use showed improvement in scar texture/smoothness in 100% of all subjects, and 74.3% of subjects showed improvement in scar pigment intensity. We also added two natural ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of the product.

Alpha Soothing Skin Therapy is appropriate for new or old scars, rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids, and formulated without gluten, casein, dye, parabens, or other allergens. 

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